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Download Lambda Wars modification for game Half-Life 2
To download file - torrent file 03.08.2015, 21:20

Developer: HL2 Wars Team
  What's new: new gameplay, new interface, new maps
  Version: 0.5
  It is required: Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two
  Size: 300 Mb 

  On each game platform there are key games. For PC of one of them Half-Life, and for Xbox — the Halo series which will just about be replenished by strategy of Halo Wars was always considered. Anticipating this event, the command of modmeyker of HL2: Wars Team let out strategic addition and for Half-Life 2. The same units, buildings, the weapon, stylistics are combined with completely remade interface, fighting system and a gameplay here. That is interesting, the graphics in case of the top view didn't become worse, and from an unusual foreshortening game looks quite at the level of such top strategy as Company of Heroes or World in Conflict. To watch as HL tell-tales shoot opponents, run across from shelter to shelter and in large quantities perish under heavy machine-gun fire, not only it is unusual, but also it is pleasant to an eye. Causes the same feelings of modes when Antlion Guard rushes into a close formation of combines, scattering everything that will occur in the path.
  In respect of a gameplay, behind small exceptions, everything is good. Before us almost full alteration of a shooter under fresh standards of strategy in real time. Game process reminds a compound of Company of Heroes (or Warhammer 40 000: Dawn of War) with World in Conflict. We have a basis, there are operation, key points and resources (more precisely, one unnamed resource) at the expense of which troops "are stamped". It is felt that to idea tightly in present frames: big maps, technique (the heaviest that it is possible to see here — Hunter of combines), options of development and strategy, strategy and once again strategy are necessary.
  Maps in a mode only three, but everyone can carry away a minimum for about twenty minutes. Situations are various — there is also a break of insurgents on basis with its subsequent defense, and the perimeter defense of combines round the conveyor which fell in sand copying the movie "Star Landing", and the occupation of the base on a beach executed in style of disembarkation in Normandy.
  It is a little minuses, and the bolshinastvo from them can be written off for "not final" version a mode and a lack of a polish. Game starts slowing down at the most difficult moments (units on the screen usually much) and has some problems with control — it is possible to hammer groups of units on a digital block, but it is impossible neither to add new a combination of "Shift+tsifra", nor to move to it double clicking.

  To feel in a skin of the commander of forces of Alliance or insurgents — excellent idea which received good implementation. It was necessary only to grind details, to import units and to add interesting maps. On Valve place we surely would become interested in perspective beginners. Who knows — suddenly it will be possible to repeat a trick with "independent" Portal and to make the symmetric response of Halo Wars.

  Launch an installer and follow its instructions.

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