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Download Weekday Warrior modification for game Half-Life 2
To download file - torrent file 01.08.2015, 12:53

Developer: CCCP 
What's new: story, gameplay, graphics, locations
Version: 4.0
Requires: Half-Life 2, Source SDK Base
Size: 109 MB
The importance of the English language: high

Let's be honest, not often we indulge modifications that greatly changes the gameplay. And the stories for the most part banal and unoriginal. But every rule has exceptions, and here is one of them in front of you is a modification of the Weekday Warrior made by students of English of the University Guildhall.
First sight fashion captivates with its game design. Forgive for banality, but right now don't do that. Not everyone will dare to turn Half-Life 2 in old-school adventure era best of LucasArts projects. A short story of an office worker reminds both Fahrenheit and the TV show Heroes (specifically — moments with Hiro and Ando in the office "Japan industries"). To the protagonist, extremely embarrassed and dreamy friend, reading all day comics, comes a strange encrypted letter "from the office at the top." (They have a terrible competition between floors, all want each other to frame and to climb "up"!) It turns out that the "top guys" dug up the dirt, and the office of the protagonist, most likely, will close soon. The chief asks him to quietly sneak to the competitors and information to delete. Actually, everything, no plot surprises CCCP we were not prepared.
But they are in the gameplay. Weekday Warrior — in fact, the quest, and managed it accordingly. You can walk on the floor, communicate with colleagues, to perform the task, that is, to do anything but work. Sometimes you get to play mini-games: to leave crumpled paper in the wastebasket, to participate in the competition for office mini-Golf and (the hit of the season!) to compete with the boss in Voodoo Darts. And Yes, throw Darts will be in the figures of their colleagues (or, for masochists, in itself), which when hit will jump from your seat and on the whole office to yell something like "ow! My back!".
But it is a special joy to sneak on the "enemy" to the floor. The hero is a superhero a Mongoose (which is vaguely similar to solid snake), bypasses guards (quote: "they Have a special "focus" vision, they only see in front of him, so at least in the ear they whisper — see!) and trying to otbrehalas if it is still noticed. The last is the dialogue:
"Hey, you! What are you doing here? And well for me to the boss!
(Here one should lie convincingly that cleverly manages any fan of the old quests.)
- I'm the new head of security. You're fired.
- Sir, I'm sorry, I didn't know! No, I heard we have a new Governor, but in person you haven't seen. Don't fire me, please!
(Then again you need to quickly navigate and choose the correct option.)
"Okay, now get out of my sight.
Also, this wonderful level demonstrates the key to the door in the form of a bust of the singer Michael Bolton (for the record: Michael Bolton is an American singer of Russian origin, the performer of romantic ballads in the style of white ("blue-eyed") of the soul), the erosion of C4 under my feet remote control and tinkering with a screwdriver in the door lock.
Oh and about the little things. What else Weekday Warrior reminds Fahrenheit three years ago, in addition to quest wavering in the offices, so it's graphics. The same muddy textures, unconvincing character models and other technical aspects, in the best case three. That, however, the perception of this wonderful fashion does not interfere with never. So, if you missed quests old school — you here.

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