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Download game Evil Genius
To download file - torrent file 23.07.2015, 22:33

Date of an output: 2004
  Genre: We still will meet, Mr. Bond
  Publisher/developer: Vivendi Games/Elixir Studios
Having much accumulated experience in development of bogosimulyator from respectable teachers from Bullfrog and Lionhead, at the beginning of the 2000th Demis Hassabis long took all for a ride Republic sovdepiya simulator: The Revolution, but then improved.
  The concept claimed still by Peter Molinyyo in Dungeon Keeper and stating what to be bad it is possible and it is necessary, it was developed by his pupil Hassabis in Evil Genius, but in other stylistics. Instead of medieval casemates — confidential basis, instead of the Saver of Vaults — Evil Geniuses. The motion-picture of the 60th gave to Elixir Studios the fine chance to practice in wit. If villains, it is mandatory or the general who went mind in resignation, either the shitty lady, or the mad Chinese. If henchmen, mad scientists, the Russian military, Samurais with superabilities or simply the villains guilty of all sins of mankind. Caught the next confidential - the agent - on - service - her are majesties? At your service hypnosis, an electroshock or at the worst the poisoned spirits. Except jokes humourous catchphrases, the pleasant graphics and James Hennigen's (Red Alert 3, Freelancer, Privateer) music in the spirit of classical Bondiana worked for the atmosphere.

  Unpack contents of archive and launch the installation file.

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