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download the game Diablo
To download file - torrent file 11.07.2015, 20:22

Date of an output: 1996
  Genre: Action / Role-playing game
  Publisher/developer: Blizzard

  Or here one more, wildly similar to the previous case — one more game which changed all this industry; so, to all other, in consciousness of millions of people it still is considered something like a live deity on Earth. Diablo.
  In 1996 the genre of RPG was in such deplorable status that role-playing games quitted in quantity two-three pieces a year. But here absolutely unexpectedly there was it. The first role-playing game in which, actually, the principal character had no role. But there was a lot of action, developments of fighting attributes, and also the passion (bounding with kleptomania) to a collecting of various things — swords, onions, the armor, magic spells and to that a similar fantasy junk.
  With the name Diablo of patterns I learned also one more word — Battle.Net, same customary, as the words "cabinet" or there "computer" today. A global online service, equal to which in popularity still isn't present in a pattern. Thousands and thousands of people at the same time on the Network played Diablo, competing or supporting each other, pumping over characters, fighting for the first places in "ledderakh".
  Available gameplay + graphics, smart for the time, + Battle.Net + variety of monsters and bagatelles = big national love. Among all games of ten-year prescription it is extremely difficult to find better known, than this.
  Launch an EXE file.

Category: Time Machine | Added by: IwKrav | Tags: Diablo, The, game, Time Machine, download
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