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Download game Nexuiz
To download file - torrent file 18.07.2015, 23:59

  Genre: shooter
  Developer: Nexuiz Team
  Size: 610 Mb

  Absolutely free shooter constructed on seriously processed engine of the first Quake and ground under multipleerny battles (it is possible to play both with bots, and on a network, with real rivals). Despite low technology, game in places manages to hook for the live. In many respects thanks to an imposing weapon arsenal (here to you both rapid-fire machine guns / machine guns, and flare pistols with impressive destructive power, and laser/plasma guns, and there is a lot of that else), accurately thought over architecture of levels and diversity of the modes. In addition to customary and very popular Deathmatch (a fatal duel), Team Deathmatch (team fight) and Capture the Flag (capture of a flag), is also such scenarios as Domination (monitoring of points), Onslaught (storm of hostile basis) and Race here (runnings on the most real racing tracks — the one who the first crosses finishing line wins). 

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Category: Interesting Games | Added by: SkynetSp | Tags: game, Nexuiz, Time Machine, download
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