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Download game Magic Carpet
To download file - torrent file 23.07.2015, 22:37

Date of an output: 1994
  Genre: Carpet airplane simulator
  Publisher/developer: Electronic Arts/Bullfrog
 For the more than the ten-year history Bullfrog offered players a chasm of opportunities in all imaginable branches of human activities, starting with the maintenance of hospitals and finishing with a favourite subject of Peter Molinyyo — world supremacy. Anyway, all this was pure magic therefore quitted exactly between Syndicate and Theme Park (experience contrast) the simulator of a carpet airplane looked in Bullfrog track record quite organically.
  We flew to Magic Carpet as could fly unless in a dream, watering with magic shells of fantastic dragons and other evil spirits, but the price of this happiness captured at least, than a sound nightmare. For comfortable flight in an ideal it was necessary to have the processor not lower than 486DX, and it is even better — Pentium of 90 MHz, from 8 Mb of memory, and also the CD ROM drive — in the mid-nineties the price of this happiness soared in the region of $2000, not to mention that we send to virtual reality which Magic Carpet too supported, cost as much again. In a word, if carpets airplanes were on sale actually, affairs of Magic Carpet would be absolutely bad, but it developed still simpler: revolutionary, in fact, development of Bullfrog remained in the shadow of Doom which quitted in the previous year.

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