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Download game Thief: The Dark Project
To download file - torrent file 21.07.2015, 21:25

  Date of an output: 1998
  Genre: Stealth action
  Publisher/developer: Eidos Interactive/Looking Glass Studios

  Not to engage the first, to remain in the shadow, not to make excess sounds — on these principles career of each professional thief keeps. And still restraint and attentiveness — was necessary to recall every time when booted same сейв these qualities, for clearness renamed into something like "% №\\
@! ohrana u dverey". As well as in reality, our thief, the thin subject in a black cape, though was armed cap-á-pie, but couldn't stand in open fight against numerous protection. However it was worth understanding all, I'm sorry, "thieves' kitchen", and it became easier to live. In outer darkness for which also the small shadow will descend, it is almost impossible to note the thief. It is also impossible, as well as to hear that it crawls on cards behind the back of protection. From shock by a bludgeon on the head any policeman subsides on hands — don't forget to drag a breathless corpse far away from outside eyes.
Any task in Thief had the accurate and beautiful decision, and at times and a little. For example, in a quiver at the thief some linking of arrows for all occasions lay: fighting (with them everything is clear), water (to extinguish torches and to wash away blood from a floor and walls), noise (to get moving forward the sat-up security guards), arrows from a moss (for a zastilka of especially "loud" surfaces like iron floors) — at last, the arrows with ropes clinging to wooden beams (a certain way to penetrate into the lock bypassing all protection). In urgent cases in the course it is always possible to start up a sword but how to kill with the zombie's sword? On such cases there is an inventory of holy water — one bottle usually was enough for the special arrow killing the zombie from the first. In a word, everything in operation of the thief was harmonious and fine — even the gold stolen during missions with favor went for purchase of equipment for the following tests.
  The success of the first part of Looking Glass with even big inspiration was duplicated in the sequel with a subtitle of The Metal Age (2000) then the most part of the company transferred under the aegis Ion Storm Austin, but also there I didn't calm down, Thief became result of that: The Deadly Shadows (2004), game of a series last at the moment. On a twist of fate, same ten years ago the contribution to a genre a stealth action was made by Konami — about Metal Gear Solid you read several numbers here earlier. After this we can consider a short course of history of the most careful and sharp-witted branch of a genre of an action complete. Play intelligently and don't ask for trouble — you remember that your hero only the ordinary person, though not without trump cards in hoses.

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