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Download game Syberia 2
To download file - torrent file 22.07.2015, 20:32

Date of an output: 2004
  Genre: Cold quest
  Publisher/developer: 1C/Microids
In the slushy spring of 2004 the clockwork train of Benoit Sokal at last reached terminal station. Syberia 2, continuation of the most beautiful, sad and unusual quest of the 2000th, showed us final titles and gave the command to lower a curtain.
  Keith Walker, in the past — the successful American lawyer, left borders of nonexistent Europe and began a way through the invented Russia in search of Sibiriya's island where allegedly still there live mammoths. Each station on this road — a self-sufficient world which inhabitants, maybe, also heard that somewhere is other life, but to these cock-and-bull stories don't trust. And everywhere — though at huge university from the first "Siberia" though in tiny Romansburge where the heroine gets at the beginning of the sequel — sweetish flavor of a decay is felt. The unknown world where the posters advertizing "Three-mountain beer" adjoin to mechanical robots, dies. As the mad master Hans Foralberg because of whom Keith and I went to the traveling dies.
  In it if to blink the eyes a little, it is possible to make out a sad prediction. After all "Siberia 2" — it in some sense farewell to a genre, one of the last rather successful quests. And the ingenious Belgian never will rise up to such heights any more. But then, in 2004, anybody didn't think of it. All simply played.

Category: Time Machine | Added by: SkynetSp | Tags: Syberia, game, Time Machine, download
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