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Download CryENGINE plagin for Maya CGF 3D editor
To download file - torrent file 08.08.2015, 21:48

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: Excellent news to all users 3D - the Maya editors. The release of a small plug-in of MayaCGF which fastens to a graphics package possibility of import/export of 3D models to CryENGINE 2 engine format - CGF took place. By means of this compact tool any modostroitel will be able to add new modelk of the weapon and characters to game, to add vehicle fleet of Crysis sport cars and fashionable motorcycles, to redraw scenery, and also to create a row of unique preparations 3D - landscapes. You create model in "Maya" (we remind that when constructioning models for Crysis it is allowed to use only metric coordinate system), you apply textures on the received three dimensional form then literally several mouse clicks you overtake object in a game format. You don't want to spend precious hours for development of new content — change standard game objects: the benefit of MayaCGF allows to dip in a modeller all CGF documents from Crysis composition. 
  Plug-in kernel — scripts of Blender cgf scripts. From here — all following pluses and minuses. From advantages — absence of critical failures, ease of installation, possibility of operation with light sources ("lamps"), an unpretentious graphic jacket. It would seem, what is necessary for happiness?! However in a flank with honey didn't do without spoon of tar on duty — the creator of a plug-in didn't teach to export the module the animation fixed for 3D - frames. According to the developer, this annoying misunderstanding will be eliminated in the near future, that is in a fresh bild of a plug-in.
PRACTICE: To connect the module to "Maya" (only Maya of a sample of 2008 is supported. — An editor's note), do the following simple actions. Place the mayaCGF.mel file in a directory \\Scripts with Maya (\\my documents \\Maya \\2008 \\Scripts), and the graphic mayaCGF.bmp and mayaCGF_banner.bmp elements — in the folder \\my documents \\Maya \\2008 \\prefs \\icons. Launch Maya. Cause the manager of scripts and in the opened window enter the following commands: source "mayaCGF.mel"; mayaCGF;. If all of you make correctly, you will see that on the screen there will be rather small form with MayaCGF v0.0.4 title. 
  For export of arbitrary 3D model select it on a scene then pass into MayaCGF window. Click the button with dots opposite to the comment of Export Path and in the appeared dialog box specify a full path to the directory Game \\to Objects with the set game. Made? It's cool. Now enter arbitrary file name in the field of CGF File Name and press the Export Model button. 
  Import of "crisis" objects to the program is carried out similarly — you activate the form MayaCGF v0.0.4, you open a roll of Import and you press the Import button. We pay your attention that before opening of standard models it is necessary to unpack game archives Textures.pak, GameData.pak and Objects.pak in the root directory with Crysis. As PAK - files represent the renamed ZIP - documents, any modern archiver, for example WinRAR can work with them.
  VERDICT: All MayaCGF is good, here only animation isn't able to save. Thus, stamping mobile 3D - forms is postponed at least until release of upcoming version of the tool.
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