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Download PowerBar plagin for Obsidian NWN 2 Neverwinter Nights 2
To download file - torrent file 14.08.2015, 13:14

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: And again we address to Neverwinter Nights 2. The national handyman with a nickname of codepoetz made and published a tiny plug-in of PowerBar which adds some tens new functions and tools to the official Obsidian NWN 2 Toolset tools on the Network. After installation of the PowerBar module it becomes much more convenient to work in the editor. Writing of unpretentious scripting modifications eats off no more than half an hour, editing of characteristics of game objects is executed literally on the fly, creation of slide-type rollers also doesn't cause any difficulties...
  Shortly about the main know-how. The author of a plug-in implanted the tool intended for creation of static cameras in the editor (the Comment — them can be used, for example, when constructioning difficult slide-type rollers). Further. In Obsidian NWN 2 Toolset there were convenient browsers of components, sounds and musical compositions, and also load screens. The creator of PowerBar and the editor of properties of elements who is built in a tools body didn't disregard — as much as possible simplified the mechanism of editing of the main characteristics of three dimensional frames (overall dimensions, a shade, etc.), fastened the function responsible for an output of general information about the objects placed at the level, and also realized possibility of assignment of properties of one component to another.
  But it still not all surprises. The burned coders for certain will please possibility of the instantaneous commenting of units, creations and settings of templates of scripts and advanced system of search of scripting documents. Some more very entertaining functions we found in an operation mode with game areas or so-called zones. The author of a plug-in built in a convenient browser of locations in the editor, taught to rotate the application game rooms and halls on 90 degrees, at last, wrote the unpretentious function allowing to regulate weather conditions.
  From discharge of small-sized corrections and innovations — an output to the screen of the list of recently viewed files (the last documents), new hot keys for opening and creation of scripts, possibility of separation on a map of objects of one type, at last, activation of a full screen operation mode. On our disk you are waited by four versions of a plug-in of PowerBar ground under 1.06, 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12 versions of game. We pay your attention that the module isn't compatible to other patches for NWN 2.
  VERDICT: A model plug-in for Obsidian NWN 2 Toolset with an unpretentious graphic jacket which is done by the official editor of levels almost ideal.

  1. Copy the file of a plug-in of PowerBar.dll in a directory \\NWN2Toolset \\Plugins from the set NwN 2.
  2. Launch the NwN 2 Obsidian Toolset editor, select menu item of View/Options and in the field of AllowPlugins select the line Load all plugins.
  3. Save changes and restart the editor.

Category: Creation of games | Added by: IwKrav | Tags: NWN, Obsidian, PowerBar, Nights, for, Creation of games, Plagin, Neverwinter, download
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