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Download Neverwinter Nights NWN 2 Blender Import / Export (Blender I/O scripts)
To download file - torrent file 06.08.2015, 17:35

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: A set of the plug-ins allowing to import/export models and the animation assigned to them from popular 3D - the Blender editor in a format of an engine of Neverwinter Nights 2 (NWN 2) — MDB. If you are able to simulate in "Blender", without problems you will be able to fill the world of game by new characters ("winged" horses, manual dwarf dragons, bone Cerberuses and... yes here it is possible not to tell any more), tools of murder and scenery (architectural constructions, plants, mobile frames like barrels and boxes, etc.). 
  PRACTICE: To connect utilities to Blender, it is enough to copy the, and files in .blender directory \\scripts with the set program complex.
  All models for NWN 2 become according to the following simple diagram. You create three dimensional construction, you apply textures on the received preparation, you overtake object in a format of a game engine the command of File/Export/NWN2.MDB Exporter and a podgruzhayeta 3D - the form in the editor of the Obsidian NWN 2 Toolset levels. Import of NWN2 models to Blender is carried out similarly — you select File/Import/NWN2.MDB Importer menu item, in the appeared dialogue window you specify a full path to object which you want to import to the program, and you press on the Import button. There is no place more primitively. 
  VERDICT: The excellent tool for a file interchange between Blender and NWN 2. Works as well debugged clockwork: doesn't give out errors in case of loading/saving models, in Windows doesn't lead to hangups and embarkations.

Category: Creation of games | Added by: SkynetSp | Tags: NWN, I/O, Nights, scripts), Blender, import, (Blender, Export, Neverwinter, download
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