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Download Neverwinter Nights NWN1 area converter
To download file - torrent file 13.08.2015, 17:22

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: For what admirers of series Neverwinter Nights so long waited came true. No, not release of the next exporter for 3DS Max and even not an output of official addition for NWN 2. One of fans of game, experimental modotvorets of Sothis B, presented to all modmeyker the remarkable utility of NWN1 area converter which allows to convert game locations from Neverwinter Nights 1 in NWN 2. By means of this tool you literally in some clicks will be able to transfer practically all game territories with the objects placed in them (sounds, light sources, buildings, vegetation, triggers and other elements) from the first part of a taytl to the second. 
  The principle of operation of the module is simple and ingenious at the same time. After you connect a plug-in to the editor and you will enter a way to the necessary game module, the converter considers names of all three dimensional frames and tayl sewed in the selected addition, will execute search of their equivalents in NWN 2 on the to own database and … automatically will make substitution of elements from NWN 1 objects from NWN 2.
  On our disk you are waited by the version of a plug-in adapted under 1.15 version of game, and also all source codes of the module. We pay your attention that NWN1 area converter isn't compatible to other patches for NWN 2. 
  VERDICT: Almost reference, and, above all — the unique converter of game locations with the unpretentious interface. Compact, bright and very easy to use. A bright example of how it is necessary to do additional modules. 

   1. Copy all files from the directory \(NWN1AreaConvert.dll and tiles.xml) in a directory from the set NWN 2. 
  2. Launch the NwN 2 Obsidian Toolset editor, select menu item of View/Options and in the field of AllowPlugins select the line Load all plugins. 
  3. Save changes and restart the editor.

Category: Creation of games | Added by: IwKrav | Tags: NWN1, Area, Creation of games, Converter, download
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