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Download NVIDIA Melody
To download file - torrent file 06.08.2015, 17:14

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: In a case when it is required to calculate the normal map on the basis of high-polygon and low-polygon models, you will be helped by the Melody tool developed by specialists of NVIDIA. At this utility very simple interface, it is easy to master it, and the most important — setup gives in the mass of different parameters, beginning from permission of a color mask and an output format and finishing with such thin characteristics as a generation method, sharpness, boundaries of rays and so on. It is possible to sing the praises of the program indefinitely, in effect, it has no shortcomings, but let's pass better from the theory to practice.
  PRACTICE: The design of the application, so to say, is quite peculiar. There are neither cascade menus, nor status bars, even toolbars isn't provided. Working appendix form contains some tens buttons, the revealing lists and fields for regulation of parameters of generation of a mask, and also the one and only 3D window - a look in which the loaded models are displayed.

 However, to be fair it is worth marking that the application ergonomics didn't suffer from such minimalist approach at all: not only that all settings are very convenient, logical and clear, so they still here just as on a palm. 
  Creation of normals in NVIDIA Melody is made as follows — you podgruzhat in the program arbitrary low-poly (low-polygon) model (Load Working Model button), and then its high-detailed analog (Load Reference Model button), you set up the necessary parameters of generation of a color mask (Normal Map Settings...), you press on a button of Generate Normal Map and you wait for some seconds until Melody executes necessary miscalculations. As you can see, anything difficult. Only some control clicks — and the textural map is ready. To look where the color mask was saved, click on the Console button in the lower part of the program. 
  VERDICT: Experiment on creation of the non-standard generator of normal maps was successful. Before us the compact bright utility with a set of unique features which submits at first sight. Without any shortcomings. We use and we recommend to you.

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