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Download game American McGee's Alice
To download file - torrent file 14.08.2015, 20:24

Genre: TPS
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Rogue Entertainment
Year of an output: 2000

  It is difficult to check, but eight years ago under an emblem of Electronic Arts megacorporation there were games, similar to American McGee's Alice. The radical game designer Amerikan Makgi and its command of Rogue Entertainment, having armed with the supermodern at that time with Quake 3 engine, created almost ideal computer embodiment of kerrolovsky "Alice in Wonderland". And it doesn't matter that the matured Alice walked about on the mushroom wood with the big blood-stained knife in a hand, and all remaining characters were similar to results of someone's sick imagination (that there are only little crying and at the same time laughing little men with the nails which are sticking out of a skull). Stunning design in combination with the appropriate soundtrack (it the former participant of Nine Inch Niles group Chris Vrenna wrote) worked on playing in absolutely magic way, even without forcing to be surprised to that walls and a floor unexpectedly became black-and-white, and Alice turned into a chess castle. LSD abbreviation kartinno consisting of the initial letters Load, Save and Delete looked in such game more than pertinently.

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