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Download game Nocturne
To download file - torrent file 08.08.2015, 15:20

Genre: Survival horror 
  Publisher: Gathering of Developers 
  Developer: Terminal Reality 
  Year of an output: 1999

  The main hero of Nocturne — the secret service agent on fight against vampires and werewolves. He wears a long black raincoat, a hat and pair of guns behind a belt, only call him not Wesley Snayps at all, and Stranger (Stranger). It is the first case when sample noir hero became a character not of an advenchura, and the real survival horror. For the purpose of ejecting of any evil spirits it and his paranormal colleagues had to travel all over the world, visiting gangster Chicago of the 30th years, the French cemetery and the Texas village. Reminds last year's Clive Barker's Jericho? Throw, to compare a cheap command shooter to the real masterpiece of style which Nocturne is, our language won't be turned. It is a pity that such remarkable game didn't receive continuation — with today's technologies would look fine.

Category: Time Machine | Added by: SkynetSp | Tags: Nocturne, game, Time Machine, download
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