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Download game System Shock
To download file - torrent file 22.07.2015, 20:46

Date of an output: 1994
  Genre: Space cyberpunk
  Publisher/developer: Origin Systems/Looking Glass Studios
And in many years influence of System Shock is still felt in the most different games, from Half-Life to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. And then, in the 1994th, it had no competitors at all. What else action from the first person could offer the player the same huge levels, the same freedom, and, above all — so unusual and interesting opponent?
  SHODAN, the machine intelligence which captured space station "Tsitadel" at which there is a game action it not simply the boss who in the final should be filled with lead. SHODAN permanently reminds of itself, exasperates the main character with e-mails, intimidates him... even sneers at it. What you did, SHODAN will always be one step away ahead so closer to the end starts seeming as if it is impossible to destroy it in principle. Any villain neither to nor after didn't cause still such compound of fear and delight.
  Alas, didn't get commercial success of System Shock: in total about 170 thousand copies were sold. Despite it, in 5 years the sequel, through eight — an informal remake (BioShock) was born... but it already another story altogether.

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